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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Court rules Hobby Lobby can challenge PPACA | BenefitsPro

DENVER (AP) — In a health care decision giving hope to opponents of the federal birth-control coverage mandate, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday that Hobby Lobby stores won't have to start paying millions of dollars in fines next week for not complying with the requirement.
The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver decided the Oklahoma City-based arts and crafts chain can proceed with its case and won't be subject to fines in the meantime.
The reprieve gives Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. more time to argue in a lower court that for-profit businesses — not just currently exempted religious groups — should be allowed to seek an exception if the law violates their religious beliefs. The company had sued to overturn the mandate on grounds that it violates the faith of founder and CEO David Green and his family.
The appeals court remanded the case for more argument, but the judges indicated Hobby Lobby had a reasonable chance of success. Read More...Court rules Hobby Lobby can challenge PPACA | BenefitsPro

DOMA ruling complicates benefits administration - Articles - Employee Benefit News

The Supreme Court’s decision striking down the federal Defense of Marriage Act is being hailed as a huge victory for same-sex couples, but the ruling makes benefits administration for employers even more complicated than before.
“It’s not even crystal clear that anybody knows what the right legal answer is with respect to those people living in the 38 states that don’t recognize same-sex marriage,” says Todd Solomon, a partner in the employee benefits practice of McDermott, Will & Emery, and author of Domestic Partner Benefits: An Employer’s Guide. “It’s really easy in the other 12 states [that do recognize same-sex marriage] — that’s what we know — but we’ve got a huge, open $64,000 question with respect to the rest of the people. And that’s a big problem for employers. I think they’re going to be very puzzled and they’re going to want guidance from the IRS.”The court decision notes there are over 1,000 federal laws containing provisions specifically applicable to spouses that will be affected by its ruling. At this point, the ruling makes it harder for multistate employers to administer benefits, believes Leslye Laderman, a principal in the Knowledge Resource Center with Buck Consultants. Read More...DOMA ruling complicates benefits administration - Articles - Employee Benefit News

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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White House begins big push for exchanges | LifeHealthPro

Americans struggling to understand the exchanges and other components of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act can now get some help from the government.
The Obama administration on Monday launched its a public-outreach campaign to help consumers understand PPACA benefits with a new, consumer-focused website and a 24-hours-a-day consumer call center. Read More...White House begins big push for exchanges | LifeHealthPro